In your opinion how did my crown turn out? (photos)

A couple weeks before the procedure I had zoom whitening done. During the procedure my dentist sent photos to the lab. A week later I went to place the crown and the lab technician was there changing up the colour slightly but couldn't get it right. So I went to the lab to have it detailed (it was fired up twice) to look like my other front tooth and later it was placed. Everyone says it looks good, but when I look at it closely it seems a little off. Is this what I should expect from a crown?

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Front crown

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It is extremely difficult to match a single front tooth. I think your dentist tried to do everything right. The lighting in your photos isn't ideal so given what I can see the crown may still need a little refinement. I would share your concerns with your dentist. They seem to be going the extra mile to make you happy.

Dallas Dentist

Pretty close

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I agree that's it's close enough that messing with it more may not make it any better.  Is there a metal post in that tooth?  Blocking that out can be tough.

Bryan Bauer, DDS
Wheaton Dentist

Difficult To Match Color Exactly

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Since we first started using porcelain it has always been a difficult, but not impossible, task to match one front tooth to another. Difficult yes, but not impossible as I said. It really is in the hands of the ceramist.

Tough to gauge the match on the photos. The lighting, photography etc plays a huge role.

For the most part, at first glance they look fine. Don't overthink it. IMHO

Cary Ganz, DDS
Long Island Dentist

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