Will my labialasty/vaginoplasty get better? (Photo)

I had labiaplasty and vaginoplasty done by DR. DIMITRIOS GIANNOULIAS from Toronto Cosmetic Clinic and here are my results 2 weeks post op. It hurts a lot and it seems like the skin from the top is removed a little (it hurts so much when this part rubs against my underwear!). It is turning into a weird color and why is it still protruding?He also said it would look "like a penis" if he took off more. I take baking soda baths 3 times a day and rub fucidin right after. I hate my results.

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There are a few problems here:
1) you had a trim labiaplasty. This always produces unnatural results IMHO
2) you had an elongated clitoral hood AND clitoris. The "square" thing is separation of an attempted clitoral hood reduction. An elongated clitoris is very very hard to correct and there is only ONE doctor I know who does this surgery, Dr. Gary Alter in Beverly Hills. I personally don't perform this surgery.
3) The trim basically amputated directly across the clitoral frenulum which is super sensitive and now exposed directly to all fabric and underwear, making everything super annoying.

I would find a different doctor once you are fully healed. You still could benefit from a revision I believe, but you need to wait 6 months. Again, if the elongated clitoris is truly part of your problem, this is a very challenging fix to be very honest. Very difficult to reduce and resuspend the actual clitoris. Reach out to Dr. Alter and learn more about this.

Might need a revision

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Thank you for sharing.  As my colleagues have expressed their concern in your healing pattern, so do I.

Unfortunately I would remain patient and continue to keep a close eye not the situation.  I would recommend already seeking a good second opinion form an experienced surgeon within the US.

Best of luck.

Still a lot of swelling

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Sorry to hear your recovery has not been very smooth! I agree that you may need to see your surgeon about the area above the clitoris, it looks like it may not have good blood supply, and that could really compromise your healing! You are very early in the recovery, and I do think your results will definitely continue to improve, although I'm not sure you will get the ultimate results you are looking for. I would be open to a possible revision down the road, but for right now try not to stress too much, as there is still a lot of swelling in your photos, and I think it will keep getting better!

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Scary healing at 2 weeks post labiaplasty

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You live in Kansas, why did you go to Toronto? You are not healing well and you need to be seen to rule out an infection.
The "square looking thing above my clitoris" looks like necrosing tissue possible due to blood supply to this area being compromised.
Stop with the baking soda baths and application of fucidin. 
You will need a second corrective surgery to achieve better aesthetic results. Below is a link regarding Revision Labiaplasty.
Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
Denver Urogynecologist
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Will my labialasty/vaginoplasty get better

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Thank you for your question and photographs and I am sorry that your current results have not been what you anticipated.  It appears that you had a trim labiaplasty and a clitoral hood reduction but because of the thin nature of the tissues you have significant swelling obscuring your results.  I would recommend cold compresses, oral arnica, and oral bromelain to help aid in swelling reduction.  Allow your results to mature for another month, then you can assess them for a possible revision if they do not meet your expectations.  Hope that this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Swollen and distorted 2 weeks after labiaplasty

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There is extensive swelling all around giving a distorted appearance. When the swelling goes down in a few weeks you will have a better idea of your results. Getting emotional over the appearance at this stage is pointless. Taking baths weakens labiaplasty scars and should be avoided.

Post Labioplasty Surgery

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Thank you for your time. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. At 2 weeks after surgery, it is too early to know what it will look like once you are completely healed. 

In the early stages of recovery, you should expect some bruising, swelling and pain after your procedure. We advise patients to wear a pad on the underwear to prevent irritation from rubbing on clothing/undergarments.

Swelling may linger for as long as two to four weeks. Ask your surgeon if you can ice and take inflammatory medication to help diminish the swelling.

I wish you the best!

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