CTE for the Past 2.5 years. Headaches and Dizzy Spells. I need some guidance with my Dermatologist. (photo)

I have been seeing a dermatologist in Toronto Canada who says I have CTE. Shedding is really bad at temples, nape of neck/sides. 75 hairs a day but just in these areas. My front part is ok. Hair is always growing back but it's coming in wavy and thin around the temples and gets to about 3-6 inches and then sheds again. I'm on Diane -35 for 11 years. Ferritin 56. TSH 2.38. ANA positive at 1:640 then negative twice. What should my next step be in getting to the bottom of this? Dr's gave up.

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Females with hair loss

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This is a complex problem you are outlining and something that can not be addressed here on realself. If you have cosmetic thinning, then there is a cosmetic treatment that works well if you are thin enough. See web reference bedlow

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Shedding with ANA positive

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I'd advise seeing a dermatologist who specializes in hair loss along with referral to a rheumatologist...An extended lupus panel would be appropriate including:  1) urine analysis....2). extractable nuclear antigens (ENA)...3)repeat ANA...4). ESR...5). CRP...6). creatinine...7) anti DS DNA 8) LIver function tests...

Without seeing your scalp and knowing everything about your history, I can't say what is happening. See an dermatologist who specializes in hair loss along with a rheumatologist please. ANA negative lupus needs to be excluded along with other connectice tissue disease. It's possible your hair loss has nothing to do with autoimmune conditions - but get to the bottom of it!

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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