Chipped tooth - Invisalign since June.

I realized today when i was brushing my teeth that i now have a chipped tooth! i've had invisalign since june so i'm on my 11th tray but will be going onto my 12th in a day. Do i get my tooth fixed now or after treatment? it is causing pain in the tooth that's chipped. it's also not on top but like a layer of my tooth was scraped off in front, it's a tiny spot and is rough compared to my smooth teeth. So do i get it fixed now and if i do do i get a whole new set of trays?

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Chipped Tooth

Hi allyharview,

If the tooth in question is causing you sensitivity, you should undoubtedly have it looked at by your general dentist so that a small problem doesn't turn into a large problem.

It's important to bring your Invisalign aligner to your visit with your general dentist so that they can "retrofit" the filling to your aligners thereby obviating the need to order new trays/interrupt your treatment.

Hope that helps!

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Chipped tooth while doing invisalign

Good Morning,  Always check with the treating dr first.  Depending on how big the chip is they may just smooth it.  give your dentist office a call. 

Dr. Barnes

Dexter Barnes, DDS
Seattle Dentist
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