How many ccs can the internal bra hold safely?

I'm going from 425cc cohesive to either 700 or 800. My surgeon recommended the internal bra which is great but I'm wondering how much it can hold? I'm 5'8 147lbs athletic. I had 800s but didn't have an internal bra and had to get an explantation when sutures didn't heal. Will internal bra be able to sustain the extra weight safely or would I experience the same thing over again?

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Internal Bra

Good evening!I do a lot of Internal Bra procedures, about 5-6 per week, and I have found that it works well with any size implant. The key is surgeon experience- the more you do the better you are at it! I have attached a link to my Breast Augmentation Revision / Internal Bra photo gallery for your review- hope it helps!

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Internal bra

While the internal bra/mesh will help support things, upsizing from 425 to 7-800 still might stress the skin and not allow things to heal properly. The mesh/internal bra is meant to assist with holding things up, not necessarily holding things "in".

How many ccs can the internal bra hold safely?

Thank you for the question. You will find there is no "standard" or agreed-upon response.  Much will depend on exactly how the procedure is performed,  the quality of the patient's tissues utilized, the size/weight  of the breast implants utilized,  and careful attention to postoperative activity restriction.  You may find the attached link, dedicated to this type of revisionary breast surgery helpful to you as you learn more. You'll find a separate page, on the website, dedicated to larger breast implant concerns. Best wishes.

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