is 1.3cm too much to take off during upper lip lift? (photo)

The doctor who is going to do my lip lift recommended to take off 10mm.. My distance right now as per the doctor is 2.3 cm... I am transgender woman... But I've heard a lot of stories that it does stretch out... Even though my doctor does free revision all you have to pay for is the OR time... I don't wanna go for a revision if its done efficiently the first time so I'm thinking to tell him to take 13mm instead of 10mm... What are your thoughts... Surgery is next week June 16 2016

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Lip Lift

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While subnasal lip lifts do stretch out somewhat over time (about 25%), it is not a good idea to take more than about 1/3 of the vertical skin distance between the nose and the lip. If more is taken it can make the central lip look very disproportionate to the sides of the lip which do not change with a subnasal lip lift.

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