Should I get jaw surgery? Will fillers improve my dorsal hump/crookedness? Do I need rhinoplasty? Canada insurance (Photo)

My nose Is very crooked bumpy and has a dorsal hump. Would dermal fillers/injections help improve my appearence? I am also considering jaw surgery I have braces and my jaw/teeth still don't align. Could orthoganic/jaw surgery improve my nose profile? Since the jaw surgery can make profile look more proportionate will my nose look less prominent? Could it get worse possibly? What about my droopy tip? Jaw surgery is covered by insurance here but can I get the nose job covered(broken nose)?

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Rhinoplasty for a broken nose and dorsal hump reduction

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 A closed rhinoplasty procedure can address lifting the droopy tip,  shaving down the dorsal hump, and straightening the nasal bones after a fracture. All this is considered cosmetic,  and  is not billed to the patient's medical insurance. For many examples please see the link below

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