Implants settled too low, nipples too high? (photos)

Surgery July 2015, 340cc cohesive gel, under the muscle, crease incision. Everything was perfectly normal until around Dec 2015 when I noticed my implants have completely settled and my nipples raised quite a bit. They dont seem to be bottomed out either. I may have low set breasts but I am NOT happy with this result. What can be done? Another surgery? Bigger implants? I loved when I had until they dropped. It's a huge insecurity for me. I dont know what to do. 1st 2 photos 3 month post op.

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Implants too Low?

Yes, your implants have clearly bottomed out with some overstretching of the lower pole tissues and descent of the implant below the original fold. Bigger implants are most definitely not the solution, and will only predispose you to recurrence of this problem. It would interesting to know if you had a smooth surface implant which would be more prone to this type of problem. Surgical revision will be needed with elevation of the fold and reconstruction of the internal pocket to better support the implant. You might consider switching to a textured surface implant which will adhere to you tissues and make it less likely for you to have a recurrence.

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Implants bottomed out

It looks like your implants bottomed out. Often repairing the breast fold in a capsulorrhaphy is what is required. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Implants settled too low, nipples too high?

We see this several times a year and almost always when the patient's surgeon tried to lower the fold under the breast to accommodate the implants. It is not hard to correct but does require another surgery called a capsulorrhaphy, which means tightening up the scar tissue. Some surgeons feel the product called ADM is also needed to strengthen the repair but it adds a lot of expense and I rarely find it necessary when such small implants are involved. The procedure will recreate the look you had shortly after the surgery was healed. 

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Dear aah1991

Thank you for your question and photos!  The implants appear to have dropped.  My approach is to reset the infra mammary fold so the implant is centered on the areola.

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Implants settled too low, nipples too high? (photos)

Without examining you I cant be entirely sure but based on the photos it looks like you need the implants and your inframammary crease raised. It looks like it may have been lowered during your procedure but without know all the details its just speculation. Speak with your surgeon about their revision policy, if you are not happy with that surgeon then speak with another board-certified plastic surgeon in the area. Best of luck!

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 You would need a revision to help reconstruct the inframammary fold that has given way gradually with the weight of the implants.  You do not need to exchange the implants or undergo a lift that would leave any additional scars.  Best wishes, Dr. T

John Michael Thomassen, MD
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