IDEAL Implants vs. regular saline?

I've been to few consultations in the GTA. However, the doctor's I've seen do not offer the new IDEAL implants and cannot answer my questions. Can I get the ideal implant done through a transaxillary incision and under the pectoral muscle? In consultation I was told to go for moderate profile, 420-450cc. I'm afraid that this is too large for my frame, I am 5'4" weighing 110lbs. I'm also afraid if I go for "gummy bear silicone" it will be more than my budget after tax, which is $12K.

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IDEAL Implants vs. regular saline?

Thank you for your question regarding the IDEAL breast implant.  You can get the IDEAL implant through a transaxillary incision and under the muscle.  In my practice I offer saline, silicone and IDEAL implants. The patients who have opted for the IDEAL implant thus far have been very happy with their results.  They offer a very natural look and feel without concerns about undetected rupture. At this time, not all plastic surgeons offer the IDEAL implant, but that number will probably grow as women begin to ask their doctors about the IDEAL option. Not all plastic surgeons are familiar with or experienced using a transaxillary approach for breast implants regardless of the implant type.  Be sure to check with your plastic surgeon prior to surgery about what approach they would use prior to your surgery. 

In terms of size, many plastic surgeons offer 3D imaging and sizers to help give you a much better idea of the best implant size for you.  They will also measure your frame so together you can figure out the best size implant for your body.  It is worth seeing several board certified plastic surgeons until you find one that you feel most comfortable with and who is able to help you achieve your goals.  

Best of luck to you.  

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IDEAL IMPLANT® can only be provided by a select network of plastic surgeons.

As the technology used in IDEAL IMPLANT® is new and quite recently FDA-approved, only a small number of board-certified plastic surgeons can provide this type of implant. As the results achieved through any type of breast augmentation will vary from person to person, you would need an in-person consultation with one of these plastic surgeons to ascertain how a certain sized implant would be likely to fit with your frame. If you are set on the IDEAL IMPLANT®, you may find you need to travel to work with a plastic surgeon who offers the procedure.

Alexander G. Nein, MD, MS, FACS
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Transaxillary Ideal Implants

I do not perform transaxillary augmentation but I do not understand why the Ideal Implant could couldn't be placed that way. They collapse the same way traditional saline implants do. In my opinion the Ideal Implants have a more natural feel than traditional.

Ronald Schuster, MD
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