I am looking a skilled surgeon specializing in facial procedures to correct my nostrils in Toronto, ON area. (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty done more then 20 years ago. The shape of my nostrils partly hereditary and due to the scarring i guess. Please let me know what could be done ?

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Correcting the nostrils

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You appear to have a quite severe alar retraction based on the phot of your left nostril that you have provided. There appear to be other issues with your nose, but I won't comment on those based on one view. The nostril shape is likely due to excessive trimming of your lower lateral cartilages with subsequent scarring and pulling up of the alar rim. I can't really tell if the columella (the skin between the nostrils) is hanging a bit or not, but this could also be a factor. There are several techniques to correct this, but it is important to examine you properly prior to telling you exactly what should be done. I hope this helps.

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I am looking for a skilled surgeon specializing in facial procedures to correct my nostrils

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 The nose is a three-dimensional structure, therefore a full set of photographs are required to make a determination about a revision rhinoplasty procedure. From the one limited photograph, it appears that there's alar notching, and  a significant hanging columella. A columella-plasty along with a large rim grafts should be able to accomplish making the required adjustments. Revision rhinoplasty is harder than a primary rhinoplasty, therefore choose your surgeon very wisely based on extensive experience

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Revision Rhinoplasty: An Option to Increase Your Confidence and Correct Prior Surgical Mistakes

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Thank you for your question regarding revision rhinoplasty. 20 years is a long time to be dissatisfied with your original rhinoplasty surgery. I can see by your photo what you are referencing related to the shape of your nostrils. It is true, that it could partially be due to hereditary and genetics and could also be in part to the initial procedure. Living with post-surgical nasal results that you are displeased with is certainly not where you want to be.

Revision rhinoplasty can be surgically done with through what is commonly referred to as an open or closed technique. This may be similar to the primary rhinoplasty. With revision rhinoplasty, the goal is to correct the results of the prior surgery and often an open technique is employed which I prefer because it allows for improved visibility to see the problem and make the appropriate corrections. I always inform my patients, that no two noses are the same and the specific surgical technique is dependent on what your post-surgical desired results entail.

When researching your options, I would strongly encourage you to seek out the expertise of a board certified facial plastic surgeon, specifically one who specializes in revision rhinoplasty surgery. You want to have a unified vision with your surgeon and you certainly want to get the result right the second time and for this to happen you need to put your face in the hands of experience and skill. I am going to attach a website link with more information for you on revision rhinoplasty as we well as a video that discusses the common reasons for undergoing this procedure. Also, feel free to reach out to our New York City office if you have any additional questions. We are happy to be a resource for any questions you have.


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