I want to get rid of an indentation on my forehead. What do I do? (Photo)

Want to get into acting and this indent looks terrible in low lighting. What do I do

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Depression of Forehead

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The simplest way to get rid of forehead indentations is by using dermal fillers. Fillers such as Radiesse of Restylane Lyft can get rid of the dents for 9 months to over a year. Longer lasting collagen stimulants such as Sculptra can also be used. Fat injections are another option that may give longer lasting results, but this involves surgical harvesting of fat and is not always a permanent solution.

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Forehead Indentation

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There are two methods to treat your forehead indentation. Either fat injections or a spot cranioplasty method using a small amount of bone or the insertion of a hand carved small implant.

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