4 premolars extracted but I have been left with different facial structure. What can I do to remedy these problems? (photos)

I have just finished ortho treatment a few months ago and I am currently wearing retainers. I had 4 of my premolars removed before the braces where placed on. I have noticed a change in my facial structure, especially with my my jaw. My face looks longs and my lips do not close at resting. Also I have developed a gummy smile. I was wondering what I should do to correct these issues. Looking a my side profile actually gives me distress. Thanks in advance.

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Four on the Floor Orthodontics: Bicuspids belong in your mouth and ideally are not estracted for orthodontics.

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The extractions obviously cannot be undone.  Ideally the jaws are orthopediclly expanded to fit the bicuspids.  It is possible to do expansion with the DNA Appliance (my preference) or other methods but you then have spaces that need to be closed.  

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