I do not have any pain? Is this normal? Or can I have delayed pain? (Photo)

I had coolsculpting yesterday on the back (in muffin tops). This required 2 small applicators- 1 for each side. I only had pain for the first 1 hour and then very mild pain but I could massage the area with it hurting. Is this normal?

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Pain after Coolsculpting

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Coolsculpting is a great form of non-invasive fat reduction. Some people do not experience discomfort after Coolsculpting. It is possible to experience some delayed discomfort. I would not worry if you are not hurting after the procedure.

Summit Emergency Medicine Physician


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Coolsculpting is an excellent form of non-invasive  fat reduction for the right patient. Some applicators take 1 or 2 hours but the new advantage applicators take only 35 minutes and have significantly less risk for delayed onset pain (especially in the abdomen). Results are seen at 2 months and typically 1-3 treatments will be necessary on each area to achieve ideal results. The number of treatments depends on the amount of fat there and the patient's goals.  There is not downtime and the results can be impressive in the right patient.  We also use the Zimmer Z-wave for improved patient comfort and added results. The best candidates are those who are in pretty good shape with areas of stubborn fat that won't go away no matter what.

My best,

Sheila Nazarian, MD, MMM

Beverly Hills, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Pain from Coolsculpting

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Every patient's reaction is different for Coolsculpting, even in different areas.  I would not be concerned if you have delayed pain.  Please consult a specialist in Coolsculpting for the best cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green

Pain after Coolsculpting

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It is not abnormal if you do not have pain. Some people do not experience discomfort after Coolsculpting. It is possible that you could have some delayed discomfort. If you are not hurting after the procedure, don't worry about it. 

Burton M. Sundin, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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CoolSculpting Side Effects

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The level of pain varies tremendously from patient to patient.  Also, some areas tend to be more susceptible to the late onset pain (usually the abdomen).  You may still get some nerve pains a few days after the treatment, but it is also normal to have little to no pain.  This treatment has little to no downtime, which is the great part about it.  Most people have some loss of feeling and some tenderness in the area for a few days to a couple of weeks following the treatment. 

Pain after CoolSculpting

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The area will feel sore, swollen, and tender for a couple days. An option to relieve some discomfort is to put on a compression garment. If you feel the the pain is increasing then you should call your physcian. 

Robert G. Aycock, MD, FACS
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

Pain after cool sculpting

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If you are one day following treatments to the abdomen it is great you do not have discomfort. It still can occur up to a few days after. There is not clear clinical information on the who and why some people get pain and others do not. Do not worry however that if you don't have discomfort that it correlates to an ineffective treatment. Best of luck on your results. 

No Pain/Coolsculpting/Normal??-Normal--Add Vanquish and Cellutone to Increase results

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Most people don't experience pain after Coolsculpting. You mentioned treating your back, I tend to use combinations of nonsurgical methods to get the best results in this area such as Vanquish and Cellutone. Please see an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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No pain after Coolsculpting

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That's actually great. This shouldn't be a painful procedure. There is no change to your outcome if you have no pain. Delayed pain is possible for everyone but is less with the CoolAdvantage handpieces as well as when Zimmer Z Wave is used.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 75 reviews

No pain after CoolSculpting to back/flanks

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Most people do not have pain after a CoolSculpting procedure.  Some individuals do develop pain after a treatment, but if this occurs, it tends to happen after treating the front of the abdomen and not the sides or back.    

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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