I had LVR and Labiaplasty in May and I still feel loose during sex! Is this normal?

I had LVR and Labiaplasty in May and I am fully healed. When my boyfriend and I had sex the first few times it was really tight but now its so loose! I even had a vaginal "fart" during intercourse and it was really loud and embarrassing. I thought the operation is supposed to be permanent until I have babies? I had the procedure at the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic by Dr. Dimitrois Giannoulias. Please help me!

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Loose feeling after LVR and labiaplasty

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I assume, that you mean Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation with LVR. This will initially produce some inflammation with swelling and tightening which will then reduce to some degree. This usually is more indicated for smaller degrees of laxity, whereas tightening surgery is more effective for more significant degrees but has a higher degree of complications. Labiaplasty shouldn't have an effect of the problem that you described. The unpleasant sound that you described could also be a result of a specific penetration angle and is not necessarily linked to the surgery, especially if it has happened only once.

If you're loose after LVR you need to be examined by an expert

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A legitimate LVR is a very thorough multi-layer vaginoplasty. When properly conducted it shouldn't fall apart. However, if there was pre-existed damage to the vaginal wall supports in the form of rectocele, cystocele, etc and they weren't repaired at the time of LVR, this would explain your problem. Any issues with a recent operation should be brought to the attention of your surgeon first and if the answer doesn't satisfy you, seek a second opinion with an expert in both pelvic reconstructive surgery and vaginoplasty.

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