I want to fix my one front tooth that has an intrinsic stain and minor chipping? (Photo)

I'm curious to what procedure would be best. My front teeth were originally the same shape and size.

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How to Fix My Front Tooth

Hi from Toronto, Ontario !  There are a couple of ways to remove the stain and the chipping, The easiest way and the cheapest way is bond the tooth and which would take care of the staining as well as the chipping and you can easily match the other tooth. I would check and see if your bite is correct and if it is off, you might have the chipping happen all over again. Then you might want to go to an E Max Crown or something a little stronger than the bonding. I would start with the least expensive and conservative method of keeping your own tooth. The crown will require you to take down most of the tooth but it will last much longer than the bonding. The choice is yours and good luck and find a good dentist in Toronto!

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Chipped tooth needing bonding

This should be easily corrected with resin bonding that can match your tooth color. If you have ever wanted lighter brighter teeth you may want to whiten prior to the bonding. Bonding will not lighten after placed so if you want to lighten your teeth later your filling will most likely need replacement. The bonding should work nicely and at reasonable cost. :)

Resin bonding can do wonders!

A quick and inexpensive way would be resin bonding. It can fix colour,  shape and size of a tooth quite easily. 

Your bite however will need to be checked to make sure it doesn't happen again, otherwise you might want to research porcelain veneers as an alternative to bonding

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Tooth Repair

That's an easy fix. Bonding can be done to repair any chips and also to remove the staining. The one thing to make sure of is the reason your teeth chipped. If it's due to your bite, that should be addressed, too. 

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