I have just had a brow lift, facelift. How often should I apply polysporin to the stitches?

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Polysporin application to stiches for brow lift

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Hello and many many thanks for your question.

At a brow lift site hair can flop over suture lines and can be a cause for inflammation or infection. I use polysporin ointment a lot for suture lines and sutures. 

There are a number of advantages. 

Firstly it is an emollient and so it soothes the skin even in places where there is no wound or stitch line. The ointment also seals off the wound and it contains antibiotic; it keeps stitches greasy easing their removal if they are not absorbable. 

If you have an appointment for suture removal then I would suggest using polysporin as you are doing for a couple of days after suture removal and therefore closure of the tracks of the sutures within your skin. If sutures are dissolving and not scheduled for removal i would continue to use polysporin until the skin sutures have disappeared. 

I hope that you found this information helpful.

My very best wishes for an excellent outcome.

Cambridge Plastic Surgeon

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