Hit on right side of nose, developed bump. Very painful. HELP (Photo)

I was head butted (accidentally) on the right side of my nose a few days ago (7 weeks post-op). It hurt at the time of the impact and I have since developed a hard ball/bump on the bridge where the hit occurred. Is pain a few days later normal and will the bump go away? Please help

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Trauma to nose

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It is hard to predict what will happen. If you are concerned, it might be a good idea to see your surgeon.

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Bump on nose after impact

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I am assuming you are 7 weeks post-op from a rhinoplasty. If you have a new bump after impact in this setting I recommend seeing your surgeon. Without knowing the details of the surgery, and the possible use of structural and camouflage grafts, you may have a broken bone, a displaced piece of cartilage or other issue. Get it checked out because a broken bone can be reset easily if addressed within the first 10 days or so.

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Bumped on nose

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It is unclear from your question, but I assume you had a rhinoplasty 7 weeks ago.  You should consult your surgeon so he/she can assess weather there has been a fracture or diplacment of a possible graft or other issue that I cannot address without the operative note and history.  Good luck

Edward J. Ricciardelli, MD
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