Does this look healthy or should I be concerned about capsular contracture or other issues? (Photo)

Hello, I'm now 5 weeks post op and am growing increasingly concerned with the glaring lack of symmetry. I've had follow ups with my PS's nurses and they said everything looks fine. I'm particularly bothered by the difference in "under boob" -- much smaller on my right breast. What are your thoughts on the lack of symmetry and can you suggest anything that might help (I'm already massaging and will confirm any suggestions with PS before undertaking). Thank you very much!

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BA recovery

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Thanks for your question. Actually, I think you are healing beautifully. It's still way too early to be so critical of your results. You have a lot of healing and settling to do. It looks like the implants are in a good position, and there is always some asymmetry due to your underlying anatomy that cannot be changed. Keep your follow up w/ your surgeon, and I bet you will be very pleased in about 3 months. Best wishes.

Breast asymmetry

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This is very early in your postoperative course and I'm not concerned about capsular contracture at this point in time. Some degree of asymmetry with one implant falling faster than the other is quite common. I would stick with your recommendations of your plastic surgeon with massage or any other adjuvant therapy that they may suggest. If it three months the right one was still higher I would then consider some type of surgical intervention but no sooner. Good luck. 

Concerned about underboob?

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Hello SAI. Thanks for posting your questions. At 5 weeks, it's a bit early to start thinking capsule contracture. I do see the issue with the right breast, but it does not look like CC. However, CC cannot be diagnosed online - only through examination. Most likely, your lower breast was tighter before surgery (constricted lower pole) and it is now showing signs of still being tight. If you post before photos it would help. It sounds like you're massaging and may need to do this for an extended period on the right side. I sometimes use an elastic breast band and muscle relaxants to help a tighter breast stretch. Have your PS examine to rule out CC and consider the other options mentioned. Best wishes always, Dr. Aldo

Lack of underboob

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Hello, it is not uncommon for breasts to be lacking underboob only 5 weeks after surgery, but usually this will improve as the implants soften and settle.  It is really important to have ongoing followup with your surgeon to ensure this process continues.

Does this look healthy or should I be concerned about capsular contracture or other issues? (Photo)

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I understand your concerns. It is too early to develop capsular contracture. I recommend you consult with your plastic surgeon. There are massages and other interventions that you can do at this point that can help with your concerns.
I hope that was helpful 

Ahmad N. Saad, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Does this look healthy or should I be concerned about capsular contracture or other issues?

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I understand and sympathize with your concerns. However it is far too early at 5 weeks to be concerned. It is very likely that with continued massage and breast implant displacement exercises that your right breast will come down. It may take another 2-3 months possibly longer.

However I have had patients with worse asymmetry who have dropped into symmetrical position but only after 3-4 months.

Do not consider revision until at least 6 months. Your result looks excellent for 5 weeks.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

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You look as though your breasts are healing well. It is still early in your postoperative period therefore you are still swollen. Swelling is never symmetric. As the swelling goes down over time the asymmetry may resolve on its own. Also, the implants themselves should continue to fall and your breasts should soften.

It would be helpful to see your preoperative pictures as this would show if there was some asymmetry before surgery. In 3 months time you will know if your implants and breasts will heal symmetrically. If not you may require revision surgery which is a usually a relatively simple procedures.

From your pictures it does not look like you are experiencing a capsular contracture, however to accurately diagnosis you would need to be examined. Continue to massage your breasts as instructed. You can wear an upper pole band which can help the breast implants fall more symmetrically. I would suggest you discuss your concerns with your Plastic Surgeon.

5 weeks post op

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Looking at your photos it looks like you are healing very well.  It takes 6 months or more for your breasts to settle and for you to  appreciate a "final" result.   Discrepancies from one breast to the
other are not unusual at this stage of recovery.    Be patient, follow
your Drs. instruction.   Good Luck!

Breast asymmetry postop

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 Firstly, at five weeks you're result is still changing. While your breasts are still slightly high and tight, this is within the normal range for only five weeks after surgery. Talk to your plastic surgeon about massage, potential breast bands or support devices to help push the implants down, and give it time. Your breasts are going to settle and stretch and relax over the next few months, and you should not judge the final result until you are at least six months out. I know this is difficult and you are understandably excited about getting to your final result, but human tissue is not clay nor cloth, it will stretch and settle with time. 
Also, most likely the difference you were seeing was present to some degree before the surgery. This may be hard to believe, because you probably did not notice any asymmetry prior to the orientation. What I would do is, closely review the preoperative pictures with your plastic surgeon and he or she can show you whether or not there was some slight asymmetry prior. Then you can judge for yourself. Most commonly, there is some mild asymmetry that can be augmented along with the rest of the breast. That's all a straight up breast augmentation will do, augment your breast. It will not fix asymmetries unless there's asymmetries are noticed and addressed.
But, trying to be patient, stay in close contact with your plastic surgeon, and I suspect you will have a very nice result in a few months. Best of luck!Dr. Subbio

Breast augmentation

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It would be nice to see prep photos. Likely you had fold asymmetry to begin with. A 5 weeks you are still early in the healing process. Give it 4-6 months to settle.

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