Am I good for aesthetic bonding for my teeth? (Photo)

For the top four front teeth would aesthetic bonding improve their alignment and appearance? I'm an 18 year old male

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Great question--the simple answer is Yes! Find a good cosmetic dentist and look at their photos to be sure you will be happy with the results. Good Luck

Am I a good candidate for aesthetic bonding on my front four teeth?

Your  front two teeth are very large in comparison with the teeth next to them.  I feel that your smile could be improved by making the lateral incisors appear larger and by closing the small space between your two front teeth.  At your age(18), aesthetic bonding would be an excellent choice because it does not require filing down your healthy tooth structure, and it is considerably less expensive than porcelain veneers.  Orthodontic or Invisalign would not change the size of your side teeth, so you would not get the nice smile that bonding can give you.  

Gary Braunstein, DDS
Encinitas Dentist
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