G spot amplification - Toronto - looking for a plastic surgeon who offers it.

I was watching a documentary from CBC Doc Zone - called in search of the g-spot and they have a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon offering a G-Spt Amplification shot and he also created a kit for it. I am interested in it I am just hoping a surgeon in Toronto, Canada has learned it and offering it.

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G spot

MinnieClaire thanks for your enquiry. The G-shot uses a gel filler, not unlike REstylane or Juvederm and only creates a fullness behind the G-spot area that makes it more easily stimulated during vaginal intercourse. The O-shot, uses your own blood products to rejuvenate and enrich the same area, creating improved sensitivity. also, we inject some of the blood product directly in to the clitoris (sounds painful but the way that we do it, it is not). This has the advantage of improving sexual response to clitoral stimulation. More women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation compared to vaginal. The O-shot is also inherently safer. Hope this helps.

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G-spot enhancement

Unfortunately I do not have anyone in your locale to recommend.  It is a procedure that has been evolving for many years now.  Currently the most effective method involves injecting the clitoris and G-spot with platelet rich plasma - a concentration of platelets and growth factors distilled down from the patient's own blood which has the potential to stimulate rejuvenate tissues.  In this case leading to a hightened sexual experience and vaginal orgasm.  Glad to help.

Ryan Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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