Who can do a follow up after my BBL in Toronto or the GTA?

I will be flying out of the country for my bbl and I would like to know who can do a follow up for me in Toronto or the GTA?

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Each patient should follow up with their own surgeon, unless it's an emergency

Each patient should follow up with their own surgeon.  This surgeon knows best what they did, what post surgery protocols work best for their patients etc.  Also, it's not reasonable to ask another surgeon not affiliated with your primary surgeon to take on care for someone who they did not operate on.  This is the unspoken cost of medical tourism.  When you travel out of the country to have surgery, you will also need to include in your calculations potential future travel for touch ups and follow ups.  That's in addition to the possibility of unexpected costs related to any possible complications that may develop while you are outside the country.

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You should ask your surgeon who can follow you for post-op if you are not able to stay in the community where you had surgery.

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Follow up after BBL

Follow up visits for your Brazilian Butt Lift are usually best performed by the surgeon who performs the original surgery.  If you are travelling to have the surgery done, you need to account for this as part of the cost.  Good luck!

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Follow up after cosmetic surgery

 I don't think you will find anyone to take care of you with any sort of enthusiasm.Each surgeon is responsible for taking care of their own patient.The fee we charge for our procedures include not only the procedure itself but the aftercare including taking care potential complications and revisions. Here is some food for thought 

Dominican authorities have shut down a plastic surgery clinic as theyinvestigate the death of a U.S. woman who traveled to the Caribbean
country to undergo a liposuction procedure, officials said Sunday.

The prosecutor's office in Santo Domingo said the 23-year-old woman
traveled to the Dominican Republic two days before her April 23
procedure but did not disclose where she was from in the U.S.

The clinic is run by Dr. Edgar Contreras, who has been the subject of
three other probes by Dominican investigators over the years. He could
not be immediately contacted for comment.

The U.S. citizen is the fourth woman and the second American who has
died so far this year at Dominican plastic surgery clinics. They
include a 35-year-old from Hawaii identified who authorities say died
after a liposuction procedure and a 24-year-old woman who died from an
embolism in February after undergoing surgery to have implants removed
from her buttocks.

Last year, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
reported that at least 19 women in five states had developed serious
mycobacterial wound infections following cosmetic procedures in the
Dominican Republic such as liposuction, tummy tucks and breast

The Caribbean country, like nations such as Thailand, Mexico and Costa
Rica, has promoted itself as a destination for medical tourism,
so-called because people will often tack on a few days at a resort
before or after undergoing surgery.

 Unfortunately plastic surgeons see too much of these type of outcomes when patients travel for discount surgery. There are without question very talented plastic surgeons in every country. The United States and Canada hold some of the highest medical standards in the world if not the highest. For me I would want the very highest quality of care available. 

 there are certainly times when traveling for surgery is justified. Safety should always come first.Best,Mats Hagstrom M.D. 

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