Flat spot on back of skull - other than an implant is there any other option to fill the depression?

I have a flat spot on the back of my head which makes my hair appear thinner and overall is not an attractive look. i would rather not get an implant because of risk of rupture and silicone leakage and a larger incision on the hair line. I have heard PMMA is the only other option, but what if my body rejects it? Since this isn't a common procedure, I am skeptical. Is PMMA my only other option, and if so, is it safe? Can this be done under local and what is the incision like?

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Flat spot

An alternative to an implant is fat grafting - Harvesting fat from one area of your body and then injecting it into the flat area.  This avoids have a foreign body in the area as well as limits scarring (only small needle injection sites).  The downside is that more than one session may be required.  I recommend a consultation with a plastic surgeon in your area.  Have a blessed day!

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Cranial Augmentation

PMMA can be made into a patient specific plate with 3D modeling now.  These are good fits for such issues.  There is also the option of a cranioplasty with a combination of trinity bone graft, PLLA, PRP, a small iliac crest bone graft, BMP, and stem cells.  The second option has the advantage of turning into your own bone. You would anesthesia for both procedures.

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