Which filler is best for under eyes (tear trough)? 2016

I had a conservative lower bleph a few years ago but still have some hollowness. I'd like to know what plastic surgeons recommend for this issue. This same question was asked 6 years ago but I trust a lot has changed since then - new products, lessons learned, etc. Can you pls share? Also curious why not many plastic surgeons perform the cannula technique as it is said to prevent bruising in this sensitive region. I don't know anyone in Toronto, for example, doing this. Thank you!

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Tear troughs filler

Thanks for your question. The best filler for that area is a soft filler that does not draw too much water. The skin there is thin and can show irregularities. Cannula produces excellent smooth results, more comfortable, and has less chance of bruising compared to needles and it's my preferred method for under eyes. Schedule a consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon for an assessment. Good luck

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Tear trough treatment

Hello, and thanks for your question. Every patient is a little different, so this needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis, in my opinion. However, I do generally tend to favor Restylane for treatment of the tear trough areas. I like Restylane because it is malleable enough to give natural results and hearty enough to giving lasting results, yet it attracts less water than many other hyaluronic acid fillers. I use cannulas in this area for this reasons you describe (less discomfort, bruising). Early on, I was also using the sharp needle to inject specific parts of the tear trough region, but with time I find I was able to achieve the results may patients want with cannulas alone. This is an advanced technique, so please be certain to find someone with extensive experience in treating tear troughs. Hope this opinion is helpful to you. Best of luck, Dr. Frucht.  

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Fillers for Tear Trough

Dear hifi08:I would recommend Teosyal Redensity II which is available in Canada.  It works with great effect in the hands of an expert injector. Hope this information helps and wishing you treatment success.

Praven Chetty, MD
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