Is a fat transfer really worth it for breast augmentation or should I just get a breast implants?

I've always been flat chested (currently in between a 36A) and after yo-yo dieting in my teens (bad i know) they have developed a droopy appearance and I'm only 25. I don't want to go to increase the size by much, maybe up to a full B so I was wondering if a fat transfer would be ideal for me or if breast implants would be the better option?

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Is a fat transfer really worth it.

For breast augmentation the results from fat transfer can be quite modest, and rely on available fat. For the right patients, those who have a tighter skin envelope, suitable areas to borrow fat, problems with implants or a strong motivation to avoid them, fat transfer can make sense. The word ideal does not come to mind, but is a possible solution you can consider.

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Fat transfer to breasts

This depends. Fat transfer may be an excellent option for breast augmentation if you have sufficient extra fat in the right places and are theoretically prepared to do a second refill procedure.

Unlike in buttock augmentation , whether we can graft literally everywhere where we want to - in fat transfer breast augmentation is limited to the subcutaneous and muscular plane. So less graft can be delivered in one session.

If your are prepared to do a second session, results in fat transfer breast augmentation can be excellent though.

If a second planned procedure is not an option for you, I have made excellent experience with "supercharging" breast implants with fatgrafting mainly to the cleavage area.

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Breast Fat transfer/ Breast Augmentation/Breast Implants/Anatomic Gummy Bear Implants/ Silicone Implants/Breast Implant Revision

Thank you for your question. About 60-70% of the grafted fat survives.  At 6 months you will have a good idea of your results. Some women have a second or third procedure which continues to increase your volume safely. The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam. Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative breast surgery. Best of luck! Dr. Schwartz Board Certified Plastic Surgeon #RealSelf100Surgeon

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Fat or Implants

Thank you for the question and the gold standard in the industry are Breast implants.  That said go on some compliments complimentary consultations and find out what might be best for you after an examination and discussion of desired results. 

Dr Corbin

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Fat transfer

For most fat transfers, you will gain about one half to one cup in size. If you want more, you will need implants. Also, you will need to have stable weight so that you do not loose volume when if you loose weight. Fat transfer will not lift sagging breasts. I would suggest meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon and discussing all your options.

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Fat Transfer verses Implants

Thank you for your question. It's difficult to give exact recommendations without photos or an in person consultation. Generally speaking, if you wish to increase your volume by 1 cup size, fat transfer may be an option for you. This is a good procedure for patients who have stable weight and only want a bit of volume. If you're looking for more of an increase, implants might be right for you. I recommend undergoing Vectra 3D Imaging to get an idea of your post procedural results. Make sure that you are working with a board certified plastic surgeon for precise recommendations. 

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Is a fat transfer really worth it for breast augmentation or should I just get a breast implants?

Fat grafting can enlarge your breast volume, but only by a modest amount and may require multiple procedures to get enough fat into the breasts. If your breasts are saggy, you may benefit more from placement of a small implant and a breast lift. 

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Fat transfer vs breast implants

Personally, I use fat grafting for smaller augmentation and for more upper fullness. You also must have available fat to use. If your breasts are droopy, you may also require a lift with fat grafting. Larger volumes and/or to avoid a lift usually does better with implants.

An exam and consultation with a plastic surgeon who performs these procedures is recommended to confirm you are a candidate as well as discuss your options and expectations. 

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Breast fat grafting vs implant augmentation

Your best bet is to see someone in person in consultation.  For patients interested in augmentation, I like to have you do a try on session following examination.  This really will tell me if you are a candidate for fat transfer based on your ideal size and fat donor site.  Both are great options, keep an open mind and have a consult!

Kelly Killeen, MD
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