Fat fransfer to hips (1 week post op). My hips still look narrow - help!

Hi, I had a liposuction from my flanks and my abdomen and was transferred to my hips. I cannot see a difference in the size of my hips I still look straight. Will this change? Will my hips gain more fat as i heal? Is there a way to gain more weight in that area or do I have to go back for a fat transfer?

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Fat Transfer To Hips

One week post op from liposuction is very early and there is still a lot of swelling going on. It also depends on how much fat was taken out. The process can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks to start to see any difference. It is best to be patient and wait and allow the flanks to settle. 

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Fat transfer to hips

Dear tnes nevaeh,

Thank you for your clinical post and concerns. As you’re only one week following fat transfer surgery where fat was harvested from the flanks which are adjacent to the hips, undoubtedly there will have been some contour enhancement, however, this will be obscured by the swelling from the flanks. It is best to be patient and wait and allow the flanks to settle which will accentuate the fat augmentation to the hips themselves. This will likely take in the order of 6-12 weeks.

Additionally, fat grafting transfer is not just mature cells, but stem cells. These are adipocyte derived stem cells can stimulate local cells to differentiate mature into fat cells and grow. So, over time you may find that your hips do become accentuated. In general, I tell most patients following fat transplantation that the final result is achieved at 3-6 months. It is very common to haveto undergo an additional fat transplantation for large grafting augmentation such as the buttocks, hips and breasts. So be prepared if you get a nice to moderate enhancement to undergo another fat transplant surgery at one year.

I’m sure you’ll end up with a nice improvement. Be patient and visit your operative surgeon to ensure that they feel confident, as well.

I hope this information has been of some assistance and best of luck.

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Fat transfer to hips

At one week post op it is too soon to see what your results will be. I suggest keeping regular follow ups with your surgeon and waiting to see what you're outcome is in a few months.

Thank you for your question and happy healing!

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Fat injection to hips

At one week you should be pretty swollen and you should see a difference at least to some extent. How much fat was injected?

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