Fat/Filler injections to clavicle/upper chest/neck area?

I am only 29 years old but due to an almost decade long eating disorder, the upper part of my chest has completely thinned out and there is no fat there anymore, even though I've been eating very large portions (aprox. 2000 calories) for 5 years. My entire upper chest is bony, hollow, and you can even see my veins and neck bands-yuck. Is there any way to fill in the chest/neck/shoulder area so that I don't look so emaciated and old?

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Fat or filler injections to upper body

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Unfortunately eating disorders do a great deal of damage to our bodies, especially during developmental years. While filler or fat transfers would be "off label" in this area, it may be of value to you, but it could also cost you a great deal of money, and continual money to maintain it. The additional concern would be where to harvest the fat from in your body. So, I would recommend you make some appointments with several board-certified doctors in your area to discuss potential treatment options for you. Your best solution really may be to just maintain a healthy diet for longer - the body has a way of rebuilding but it does take time.

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