Is this a failed Rhinoplasty? Bones floating and are movable in the upper part making nose appear wider

had a Septorhinoplasty performed 2 weeks ago. had a small hump removal. Bridge was narrowed. Tip and nostrils left as they are. After cast & splint removal my nose was quite wide and the surgeon told me to apply pressure to my bridge, with two fingers, to bring the bones closer to each other just the way it's intended to. Was told to do this for 2 minutes every 2 hours till bedtime and for a week. When I wake up, my nose appear wide and have to apply pressure every 2 hours. My skin is quite thin

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Nose too wide

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Really too early to tell how wide nose will be.  You should wait a minimum of 3-6 months to really get an idea of the final result and in some people it might take up to a year.  The exercises you are doing will most likely not really impact the final result but can provide some short term reduction in swelling.

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