Eyebrow Transplant and or Filling Hairline? (photos)

Hello, I am currently 23 years old (24 in June), I have a huge forehead but somehow I adore in whatever hairstyle I choose because it makes me look unique and different. Yet I have thin and sparse eyebrows, at the very near end each of the brows most of the hairs aren't fully grown and alot of absent area are shown. They are uneven, so I am aiming to have fuller eyebrows that would suit my face. However I have thin hair so I don't know how much grafts should be put in? Any Suggestions?

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Eyebrow transplant

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I would suggest coming in for a consultation as we are located in Toronto as well. We could than give you a complete personal consultation and really decide what would be the very best option for you. Neograft FUE Hair Transplants used for eyebrows is a highly successful and permanent solution for most of these cases. We could also work with a plan on lowering your hairline a bit using FUE if that seems like it might be necessary.  It is very important that your transplanted hairs for your eyebrows are done in a way that harmonizes well with your eyes. Once we harvest the hair we will also make sure that is implanted at the right angle to replicate original growth. Because the transplanted hair will come from the back of the head, it also requires us to match natural colour of the area being transplanted. These hairs will initially grow faster and will require trimming for the 1st year or two.We can definitely do something for you. I hope this helps.

Forehead reduction and facial framing

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Proper facial framing can highlight facial features and this becomes critical in presenting ourselves and emphasizing our facial features.  The eyebrows are a secondary framing of the facies and also highly important and critical.  

Forehead may appear larger in pictures because the temple angles have recessed as well.  This can be restored procedurally and during the procedure, the eyebrows can also be reinforced.  Hair growth post procedure will begin at about 2-3 months post procedure. 

Large forehead and thin eyebrows

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Your large forehead can easily be treated with a surgical hairline lowering procedure as shown in the web reference below. Your hairline now only can be lowered, but it can also be rounded much like the actress Catherine Zeta Jones who I show every female who comes to our office for the ideal hairline (go to google images). The hairlines in our website show the type of lowering we do but with very fine hair, it might take two procedures to accomplish your goals. My wife has very fine hair and had her hairline lowered with hair transplants by my partner Dr. Pak and because her hair was very fine, it did take two procedures to accomplish it. Alternatively, you can have the surgical lowering procedure done followed, if necessary, by a hair transplant to refine the shape. 

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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