Is it possible to extend gum line past your natural gum line?

I'm looking to bring my gumline down but I was told by my dentist he couldn't do it because the gums wouldn't stick to the enamel on my teeth. Is it possible to graft gums past your natural gum line? Are there any dentists who can do this? Could the enamel be shaved off on the top so the gums will stick? Thank you, any help is appreciated.

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Not likely to "stick"

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Unfortunately gums like root surfaces not enamel. However, if you're trying to shorten teeth there are many other options that might help deliver the results that your looking for. You might want to consider othodontics and/or cosmetic options such as veneers and crowns

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Gum Grafting to Enamel

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Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, it is difficult to offer a specific answer without photos or knowing a little bit more about why you are considering covering your teeth. Gum grafting is a procedure used to treat gum recession and involves transplanting gum tissue to the receding area. Grafting gum tissue to tooth enamel isn't an option. I recommend finding an experienced cosmetic dentist or periodontist who can assess your specific condition and offer solutions that meet your needs. Good luck.

Gum graft

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it will not be possible to cover the enamel of teeth with gum graft.  Gum graft sticks to roots of teeth , and at most will cover up to junction of the root and crown of the tooth. 

Why is it that you want to cover your teeth? 
There maybe other procedures to help you achieve the esthetics you want ....

you could post pictures to be evaluated 

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