Is it possible to do an elective lefort I osteotomy and chin/lower jaw reduction? (photos)

Is it possible to have a lefort I osteotomy to move my maxilla outward/forward, and pay out of pocket for it (as I don't have a medically necessary need for it--my bite is fine, but it still looks like I have a horrible underbite)? I'm not interested in facial implants as they all look highly unnatural. I am also interested in decreasing the size of my chin/lower jaw, and moving my chin "backwards" so it no longer projects past my upper teeth. Is it possible to make my lower jaw less square?

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Upper jaw and chin

Yes, but the bite has to justify the upper jaw coming forward or you get an 'overbite/overjet'. The fullness you want to achieve has to balance with  the occlusion; and the chin position. The chin can be modified to a natural position but once again, it depends upon the position of the lower incisors which do affect the lower lip contour. Consult a maxillofacial surgeon

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