Dull aching pain in re-treated root canal bottom molar. The specialist recommends a temporary crown. Should I proceed?

I have been having pain after re-treatment of my right bottom molar. Had root canal done approx. 6 years ago. In March 2016, I had re-treatment & since then have been having constant dull aching of the tooth. Re-treatment was done by a specialist, who examined the tooth (no xray taken though) & rules out any issue with the root canal treatment. I do not have a crown (my dentist recommended to wait) however the specialist recommends a temporary crown. Should I proceed?

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Root canal Re-treatment

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I would recommend seeing a specialist/endodontist for a second opinion/re-evaluation. We generally recommend 3D cone beam CT imaging to diagnose conditions like these. Pain after 6 months of a root canal is not a normal occurence, hence I would not recommend proceeding with a crown till the condition has been diagnosed.

Temporary crown

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I would suggest having an xray taken to confirm that there are no problems with the root canal. If all is clear a temporary crown is a good idea. This has been causing you pain for 5 months so there is a problem, it just needs to be diagnosed. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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