How common is to get lidocaine toxicity or overdose from tumescemt liposuction using local anesthesia ?

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Tumescent fluid

The lidocaine dose is calculated based on the specific formulae for tumescent liposuction and the weight of the patient.

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Toxicity of tumescent liposuction

Thanks for your question.
If your plastic surgeon is experienced and knowledgeable about tumescent liposuction, the risk of lidocaine toxicity is very low.  Tumescent solution amount is based on your weight.  Based on your weight, your plastic surgeon will calculate the safe amount of Tumescent solution to be utilized.
Please consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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How common is to get lidocaine toxicity or overdose from tumescemt liposuction using local anesthesia ?

As long as our PS is safe and calculates the safe maximum amount of your body weight, it is extremely rare. This is something you can ask your PS to address at your consultation or pre-op, so that you  can feel comfortable with the surgery.

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Lidocaine toxicity

Thank you for your question. It is very rare. It calculated per patient weight. If your surgeon is aware of your weight it is very unlikely going to happen. Please consult with board certified PS for evaluation.

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Lidocaine toxicity

Its very rare. I have been in practice for 16 years, done many lipo cases, and have never seen it. If the surgeon is experienced, it should not happen.

dr wigoda

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Tumescent Liposuction and Lidocaine

Excellent question! Lidocaine toxicity is extremely rare if liposuction is done safely. Fat cells do not absorb lidocaine as readily as other tissues in the body. Also, adrenaline is used during tumescent liposuction which decreases absorption (and bleeding). Finally, a large portion of the fluid is removed during aspiration (suction).
Large volume liposuction is not recommended in my opinion (more than 3-4 litres of fat).
Hope this helps!
Nicolas Hynes, MSc, MD, FRCS(C)

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Lidocaine toxicity from liposuction under local anesthesia

Thank you for your question. I do several liposuction procedures under local anesthesia every week. Avoiding toxic doses of lidocaine during surgery requires precise calculation of the dose given, and sometimes breaking up surgery into two sessions to prevent giving too much medication. This can easily be done by a surgeon experienced in this technique. If this is something you are considering, I would recommend seeing a surgeon who performs this type of surgery frequently (i.e. several cases a month, at minimum).

Best of luck to you!

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Lidocaine toxicity with liposuction

Lidocaine toxicity is very rare and if proper controls are in place during liposuction it should not occur. Best of luck

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