What Can I Do to Clean Eyebrow Dandruff After Upper Lid Blepharoplasty?

I'm just over a week post upper-lid blepharoplasty. I've been taking showers post-op without problems but still avoiding direct water on the eyes, so I'm cleaning my hair of dandruff but not my eye brows. I'm finding a lot of dandruff on the brows lately. This seems to be making the healing-itch of the incisions worse since flakes occasionally land there. Is there a safe way to effectively clean the eyebrows without placing undue pressure on the still-healing upper-lid bleph incision area?

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Eyebrow dandruff

After 7 days it is safe to have the incision become a little wet (not submerge in water). As for the dandruff you can use dandruff shampoo on your eyebows placed gently without smearing on your eye lids then a gentle wash with water followed by pat dry very carefully.

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