Tattoo for nipple?

The tattooing on my breast reconstruction which formed the nipple is getting very pale. Can someone recommend a dr. in Toronto or Manhattan where they had success? Thanks

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Tattoo of nipple

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Nipple tattooing can fade. Another alternative is to go to a medical tattoo artist to add pigment.

Nipple tattooing

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Nipple tattoos do fade. Either pick a plastic surgeon but it might be cheaper to goto a medical tattoo artist!


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I recommend an established tattoo artist in your area over physicians or medical tattoo artists. The tattoo artists in the community do a much better job. They can make VERY realistic nipple/areola tattoos. Just make sure you see someone that has done this before, and operates a legitimate business with proper sterilization of equipment, etc.


Tattoos for breast reduction

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When I went into practice I purchased a tattoo machine so I could tattoo areolas after breast reconstruction. You are correct when you say these tattoos fade. I feel the machines sold to plastic surgeons by and large are inferior compared to the ones used by professional tattoo artists. I refer my areola tattoos these days to a lady who does permanent makeup tattoo and has developed a 3D areola tattoo technique. I think they have better equipment and do a better job. Just because a doc is doing it doesn't mean it is better. Insurance will often pay for a doc to do it versus a non-doctor tattoo artist which is simply ridiculous and unfortunately. Go learn your options. Check with your reconstructive surgeon for referrals and of course permission to do any tattooing before you do it just to make sure they agree it is safe. Do some research, go visit with people, get your options, and go from there. Good luck!


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I think going to a medical tattooist or an actual tattoo artist is the best, as surgeons we have no training in tattooing and typically dont do a great job

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