Breasts not symmetrical. (photo)

I had implants about 20 years ago. I've had them redone twice since because of scar tissue in the left. I was not happy with my last surgery. My breasts were not even and one sat higher. My surgeon won't revise. It shows in clothes and I'm very unhappy.

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Uneven Breast Implants

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.It is quite common for the two breasts to heal differently. One may swell more, one may feel more uncomfortable, or the shapes may differ initially. After complete healing, they should look more similar and natural. Patience is required, but if you are concerned, ask questions to your doctor or the nursing staff. #breastrevision #breastimplants

Breasts not symmetrical.

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I am sorry to hear about the complications you have experienced. Capsular contraction can be a very frustrating complication for both patients and surgeons.       In my practice, I have found the most success treating these difficult problems utilizing techniques such as sub muscular pocket conversion (if relevant), capsulectomy, use of fresh implants (I am not convinced that there is a difference with smooth versus textured implants as long as the breast implants are in the sub muscular position), and the use of acellular dermal matrix. Acellular dermal matrix is a biologic implant that carries the ability to become integrated into native tissue. It is made by taking a full thickness section of skin from a donor source (his human, porcine, or bovine in origin). I hope this, and the attached link ( demonstrating a case utilizing acellular dermal matrix) helps. 
Ultimately you will need to do your due diligence and feel comfortable that the plastic surgeon you choose has significant/demonstrable experience helping patients with this type of complicated revisionary breast surgery.
Best wishes for an outcome that you will be pleased with.

Breast lift?

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It looks like you might benefit from a breast lift. Realize of course, that the two breasts will never be exactly the same, but could look better.

Consider a breast lift

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Its sounds as if you are having recurrent issues with capsular contracture..if its not the "feel" of your breasts but more the contour I think you could benefit from a breast lift to improve your breast position, symmetry  and shape.  If its both "feel" and appearance considering down sizing your implants slightly at the time of your breast lift

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