Breasts too far apart? R.breast -constant pain, implant moving like a hard ball inside. Areola not round, scars too red? (Photo)

I am 3 months post operation silicon implant and lift under muscle H.P. My right breast was more sensitive from the beginning but now I feel a constant pain and I feel the implant moving every time I turn on my side, bend forward, or lay on my back it feels like a hard ball .Can it be from using my right arm / muscle? Areola isn't round, scars too red and breasts look like they fall too much under my armpit when I'm on my back. Are they too much apart ? Thank you and I appreciate your time !

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Post Op Concerns After Breast Lift w/ Implants

You should see your plastic surgeon regarding the constant pain and feeling of a "hard ball." These are not typical post-operative healing issues, so please address them with your surgeon sooner than later.  Your results look rather normal from the pictures you have provided. It is normal for the incisions to be red like yours are at 3 months post-op. They will usually take 1 year or longer to fade. Keep in mind, scars get better over time. In terms of feeling your breasts falling into the armpit, this is a common complaint with sub-muscular placement. This is why I only perform full muscle coverage augmentation. My technique avoids this issue completely. Your cleavage looks acceptable. There are many factors which go into the appearance of the cleavage - chest wall dimensions, implant size, surgeon technique. At this point you would be looking at a revision surgery if you want to rectify the implants falling into your armpits, and tighten up your cleavage. I would recommend waiting up to 1 year before you consider a revision. Your breasts look good now. And, remember, there is no such thing as perfect. 

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You are still healing and the incisions might take a year or more to settle down.  Be patient with the results. It should improve some more with time.

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Breast lift and implant

For a breast lift and augmentation , you seem to have a very reasonable result just looking at the photos. The implants are properly positioned behind the nipples, indicating your breasts naturally have the small gap between them. Your areola are not perfectly round but they rarely are naturally or with surgery. The red will fade with time and you will probably have white scars. Scars have their own agenda as far as the timing. As far as the pain and hard ball, these complaints are not normal and need to be checked out by your surgeon. Good luck.

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Questions after breast augmentation with mastopexy

All of the questions you bring up are quite common after this surgery. Things are still settling down and it seems, from your photographs, that you can expect a very nice effect.

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