Is breastfeeding still possible after a nipple reconstruction?

I have flat nipples and I'm thinking about having a nipple reconstruction done, but I still want to be able to breastfeed in the future. So is it possible or not?

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Inverted nipple correction and breast feeding

Thank you for your question. This answer depends on a couple of things. The first thing is that do you have the ability to breast feed in the first place. There are a percentage of women who have "normal" breasts and nipple that are just unable to breast feed for multiple other reasons. Now lets say that you know you can breast feed because you've done it before. Then in this case the risk losing the ability to breast feed depends on they type of surgery that is done which is usually based on how bad the nipple inversion is. If the nipple is minimally inverted then the milk ducts don't necessarily have to be transected and your ability to breast feed MAY be maintained. I say MAY because even in this case there is a risk of inability to breast feed. If you have really severe nipple inversion, then the surgery performed usually involves transecting the milk ducts which will VERY LIKELY lead to inability to breast feed. If you are still wanting to breast feed in the future and it is really important to you then you should consider waiting until after you are done having kids to have the surgery. Hope this helps and please see a board certified plastic surgeon.

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