I'm looking into getting breast augmentation but I was just wondering how long it takes for them to feel okay enough to work?

Work at a desk all day

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Returning to work after an augmentation

Every patient is different. Some patients heal faster and bounce back faster then others. If a breast augmentation surgery goes well and there are no complications, generally patients can return to a desk type job where they are doing a lot of sitting and not lifting heavy objects or doing anything physically demanding, within a week. It's always important to talk to your surgeon and follow the instructions that they give to you about returning to work. 

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I'm looking into getting breast augmentation but I was just wondering how long it takes for them to feel okay enough to work?

The answer is dependent on the location of the implant and how you handle pain. If the implant is in front of the muscle, you will have very little discomfort compared to going behind the muscle. Even placing the implant behind the muscle, which is the best option for most women, if it's done on a Friday most patients are back to work on Monday. Obviously, they are still sore, but able to do their work. If lifting any significant weight is involved, then a week of recovery is usually required. Best of luck!

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Most need just a few days...

For people working a desk job, you could certainly have surgery on Friday and be back to work on Monday.  Of course, everyone is different.  I would plan for a week, but 95% would be able to go back in just a few days.  Good luck!

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Breasts augmentation recovery

Dear melon,
      Congratulation on your decision to have breasts augmentation surgery. It will increase your femininity, your self confidence and the joy of wearing cloths and bathing suits. As far as recovery, it really varies from person to person. There are patients who return to light duty work ( desk work ) after 3-4 days and others after 7-10 days. Above the muscles placement of the implants is easier recovery in comparison to placement under the muscles. However. the advantages of under the muscles are substantial and justify the slower recovery.  Implants displacement massage is very helpful in speeding up recovery , preventing capsule contracture and enhancing  the natural look. For 2 weeks my patients avoid lifting or exercise.That can  progress over the next 2 weeks and after one month there are no limitations. All that is done to avoid bleeding or wound disruption. After 2-3 months , the new breasts look very natural with a nice slope.
  Always, consult with experienced board certified plastic surgeons who operate in accredited surgery center for your safety. Check the before and after pictures in the photo gallery, to make sure that they are numerous, consistent and attractive. Pay special attention to the cleavage area, the perkiness, the symmetry and the natural look.
            Best of luck,
                              Dr Widder

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Breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.  Typically, if a patient has an uneventful recovery, they are able to return to light office work one week after surgery.

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Returning to work after BBA

Thank you for your question. A typical patient can usually return back to work in 5-7 days after surgery. You would have a weight restriction of 15 pounds for the first month. A desk job should be fine to work after 5 days or so if everything is going well. For peace of mind, have your Plastic Surgeon or staff evaluate you before returning. Best of luck.

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I'm looking into getting breast augmentation but I was just wondering how long it takes for them to feel okay enough to work?

I recommend taking 10 days off of work after breast augmentation. You may recover more quickly but it takes time for anesthesia effects to wear off and you do not want to undergo work stress for at least a week to allow you to recover. Heavy lifting should be avoided for 3-4 weeks.

Recovery after breast augmentation

You should be able to return to office work in a few days.  A week is more ideal.  Heavy labour would require 4-6 weeks off depending on what you do.

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Breast augmentation and recovery

In general, I have seen patients go back to work within 3-5 days, but if you want to be safer, then give it about a week. Light duty only.

Steven Wallach, MD
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I'm looking into getting breast augmentation but I was just wondering how long it takes for them to feel okay enough to work?

Hi.. thank you for the question.. In my practice after a breast augmentation patient can go back to desk work 3-4 days after the surgery... Driving after 15 days and Cardio exercise after 1 month. 

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