Botched Ultherapy causing extreme fat loss. Can Sculptra help restore my face and its contours without looking puffy? (Photo)

Had Ultherapy on 09/28/15 & sadly Dr.Torgerson & RN Michelle performed the treatment incorrectly & refuse to help saying this is normal aging. Same weight as before but have lost significant facial volume & now have hallowed temples, lower eyelid retraction, hallowed cheeks & a different jawline along with marionette lines. I was a Model & this has put a halt on my life and career. Can Scuptra restore my features to where they were a mere 6 months ago? I am not interested in fat grafting

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Restoring lost volume with sculptra

Sculptra or poly-l-lactic acid is a great option for restoring lost volume in the face no matter what the cause.   Fat loss after skin tightening procedures (ultrasound, laser, or radiofrequency) have been reported.  In general, for volume loss patients require multiple sessions of sculptra depending on the amount of volume loss and the locations.  Results appear gradually.  Sculptra injections are best done in the hands of an expert.   It may be worth getting more than one opinion prior to proceeding.

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Sculptra for Volume Loss

Sculptra is a fabulous product for building up lost volume.  You have to be patient as it can take several treatments and is a gradual process of building up your own collagen.  This may be the best procedure for you.  I prefer Thermage to Ulthera since you have skin tightening without any side effects.  Please keep us posted.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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