Is bone grafting possible years after wisdom teeth extraction? (Photo)

Hello, when I was 24 years old, I extracted all 4 of my wisdom teeth because I thought it was required in order to get braces, in fact I didn't need to because my wisdom teeth weren't impacted. My face used to be much fuller and rounder BEFORE the extraction, now it looks thinner, older, longer and gaunt. Can the effect be reversed by bone grafting and teeth implanted? What can I do to get back my old face structure?

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Bone Grafting For Fuller Face

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It would not be a good idea or helpful to bone graft extracted wisdom teeth areas and place dental implants.  It will not address your concerns and I do not think you could find a surgeon to do it.  Your concerns should be addressed at this point with a board certified plastic surgeon.  Let them give you your options, then decide if it is worth it to you to treat.  Good luck.  

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