Could I have altered the results of my nose after hitting it in the middle of the night?

Hi I had my septo/rhinoplasty surgery about 6 days ago and hit the right side of my nose while I was sleeping. The pain immediately woke me up and now it is throbbing and hurts to the touch... could this have affected the healing process? It was not a hard hit but it felt so painful bc I was sleeping ... I get my cast of in 2 days :(

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Trauma in the recovery period of rhinoplasty

Patients are naturally worried about damaging the results after rhinoplasty. Fortunately this is a rare occurrence. It very seldom happens in bed which is the area patient fear most. Women are at highest risk from being head butted by their baby and men from an elbow going for a hoop.

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Nasal issue

It is unlikely that you did anything to your nose, but if concerned, run it by your surgeon or see him in person. Best of luck.

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Nasal trauma with splint in place

With the nasal splint the nose is pretty well protected. At the time of splint removal the doctor can assess any damage that might have happened from the trauma. The nasal bones are still malleable and can be moved back straight if needed. 


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