After 3rd revision rhinoplasty, monthly steroid injections have helped greatly. Is it dangerous to keep doing them?

I have had 3 rhinoplasty's in a span of 6 years. I have always had major problems with scar tissue, and steroid injections have helped greatly, especially the 3rd time around. However, my last rhinoplasty was almost 3 years ago and I just started steroid injections again 7 months ago, and have been going monthly since, and its made an amazing difference. Is it dangerous to keep getting them monthly and is it normal for injections to still make a difference even almost 3 years post op?

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Steroid injections

Steroid injections can be done safely in most individuals.  Only after high doses there is a risk of developing side effects of steroids.  These injections can help evened years after the initial surgery.  You should look up all the possible side effects of steroids and if you notice any effects happening than bring it to the attention of your surgeon.


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