Need Advice: Getting Laser eye surgery for a second time.

I had PRK 18 years ago and stayed at 20/20 or better all these years. Last year I noticed changes in my vision and now I "have to" wear glasses as my vision has regressed to -2 in almost a year. I'm qualified for a 2nd lasik. My Questions: 1) should I chose SBK or PRK?, and 2) I have forbids and thus very anemic and will have to undergo surgery to remove them. Does this impact the outcome of my eye surgery? I am currently on meds to shrink the fibroids.

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Is the second time a charm?

There is no perfect answer, Torontonian.  First, it would be important to know what your eyeglass prescription was prior to have your procedure 18 years ago.  In addition, it would be important to know you previous and current corneal thickness and topography.  Furthermore, how old are you now?  A couple things to consider are that you are likely or soon to be likely presbyopic; which means that you are approaching the age where up-close vision is difficult without glasses.  Since you are a -2.00 right now, you may not feel that difficulty.  However, if you undergo a second laser procedure (given that you are a candidate), you may need glasses for reading at some point in the future.  One option may be to consider Monovision - correct only one eye for distance and keep the fellow eye at -2.00D.  Lastly, there is no guarantee that your cornea will be stable for the future years to come, meaning regression is likely possible.  As far as fibroids are concerned, they should not impact your laser vision correction.  Hope the answer helps.  Good luck.

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