Am I a good candidate for umbilicoplasty? (photos)

I had my belly button pierced before pregnancy. I am 2 months post partum and the hole where my piercing used to be is stretched and looks more like a line. It is also discolored (a bit darker) so it looks like there is a small scar and stretch mark over the scar. How can I fix this? Thanks.

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Umbilicus repair or abdominoplasty?

Once you're done having children, I would recommend getting evaluated for a potential surgical procedure (abdominoplasty or potentially a mini-abdominoplasty.)  You  likely have redundant skin which is contributing to the appearance that you see. Nothing short of excising this i.e. removing it will correct it.  Congratulations on your recent delivery!  Good luck!

Wichita Plastic Surgeon
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Umbilicus repair

The photo seems to suggest a lower abdominal pouch

in addition to the umbilicus concern. I would suggest as an

option, completing all the pregnancies you desire and then be

evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon for a possible 

tummy tuck if indicated.  The umbilicus can be repair as part of 

that operation. Best wishes.

Fernando Colon, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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