Am I a good candidate for hair transplantation if I have fine hair and do not have hair loss history?

I am a woman (36 year-old) with high forehead. I have fine hair but i do not have hair loss or hair loss history in my family. Am i a good candidate for hair transplantation? But i am worried if my new hairline will not be persisted as long as its donor site.

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It would be best to see a doctor in person for an examination and understanding what would be possible in your case.

It would be best to see a doctor in person for an examination and understanding what would be possible in your case.

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Hairline lowering

The hairline recedes in women with age.  Thus, high hairlines are not youthful appearing.  Hairlines can certainly be lowered with a hair transplantation.  It is not uncommon to have a second procedure to add more density, but one would wait at least a year for a second session.  If the procedure is done properly it will look very natural.

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Hair transplant to lower female hairline (high forehead)

Many women are bothered by their high forehead and seek to do something about it. Hair transplantation can provide very satisfactory results--but even women whose hair is not as fine as yours may require more than one procedure to achieve the sort of density they desire. In addition to the caliber of your hair, color is also important in providing the appearance of thickness: the greater the contrast between skin tone and hair color (e.g., black hair, fair skin), the more likely it is for the scalp to show through the hair and appear thin. That said, some women (see link below; photo taken 8 months after surgery) are very happy after a single transplant. If your hair is holding up well behind your hairline, there is a good chance you may escape the generalized thinning that affects many women and that your transplanted hair would be permanent. I suggest that you see an experienced hair transplant surgeon who can show you before & after photos of his women patients who have had work done on their hairlines.
I hope this has been helpful--best of luckDr. Ballon

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Woman with fine hair

I gather you want to lower your hairline. You have fine hair and are worried about the outcome. My wife was in your situation and it took two hair transplant procedures because she had very fine hair. Now everyone is jealous of her hairline. 

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Hairline lowering

It is difficult to assess your candidacy for a hairline lowering hair transplant procedure without seeing your photos.  However, in general, hairline lowering can be performed with a hair grafting procedure.  People with fine hair tend to experience very natural-appearing results.  Fine hair does provide less density then thicker hair quality.  In some cases, a secondary procedure after 1 year may be desired to create fuller results.  The transplanted hair grows the same as the other hair in the scalp.  

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