7 weeks and still have Bruising around incision. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had over the muscle, inframmamary incision gummy bear implants surgery about 8 weeks ago. I still have what looks like bruising around the scar. It's almost the same shape of the original adhesive. Anything I can do? Will it go away on its own? As an aside, wireless bras are insanely uncomfortable and I just can't wear them at this point. Nurse said I can wear any bras I want but my preference is not to.

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Adhesive tape

From the picture it looks like the area is similar sized to an adhesive tape that was placed after your surgery. It may have caused a reaction and hyper-pigmentation. This usually resolves on it own with time.  Just point out to your plastic surgeon on next follow up but I wouldn't worry too much.

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7 weeks and still have Bruising around incision. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your question. Based on your photos, it appears that your original tape may have caused hyper-pigmentation in the area. This will resolve with time. If you are concerned, please speak with your plastic surgeon. 

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Discoloration around incision

Thank you for your question.  For the discoloration which may be bruising or hemosiderin staining, an IPL laser can be used to treat the discoloration to treat either the bruising or hemosiderin staining.  As far as wearing a wireless bra, there is a vast selection of post surgical bras available.  My suggestion is to look at companies such as Marena and talk to a representative regarding your problem.  They can then fit you with an appropriate post operative bra. Best wishes in your recovery!


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Hello, ...it may not be a bruise at all but a hyper-pigmentation response from the adhesive tape that was covering the area. If its exactly where the tape was and has a sharp line demarcating pigmented skin from normal skin...thats probably what going on. It should get better with time.  Talk to your PS or a dermatologist if you fail to see improvement over the next few months. Good Luck. 

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Healing after surgery

Thank you for your question.The bruising will subside, it can take a while. If you were wearing underwire, it could have irritated it and caused a little more bruising after the surgery.  The important thing is to stay supported and wear a bra that is comfortable. Good luck with recovery.

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