35 years old looking for facial surgeon that specializes in Facelifts. Any suggestions?

My cheeks have dropped from a prior procedure I had done. It has left me with marionette lines and jowls. I am devastated by this. Can anyone recommend an ethical, experienced facial surgeon that I could consult with? I am looking for a surgeon with lots of experience in facelifts and willing to travel. Thanks.
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Facelift specialisation

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Just raised a wry smile at the comments below begging you to consult with a PLASTIC (even capitalised for effect) surgeon. 

You have asked for an experienced facial plastic surgeon. ie. a surgeon who EXCLUSIVELY - perhaps capitalisation is contagious :)  operates on the face. 

A great facelift surgeon is a great facelift surgeon no matter whether their background training is in general plastic surgery, ENT, or Maxillofacial surgery. 

More importantly, how many do they do a year (too few (less than 80 imo) and they won't have the consistency to appreciate the subtle nuances and art of this type of surgery, too many ( >200 imo) and they are either dog tired if doing it properly or aren't taking the time required to get as perfect result as possible.

Facelifting surgery is more art than science. A face that looks right on the table is a matter of aesthetic taste and has to fit the person it is attached to!

Ask to see lots of prior examples. Read reviews. Ask to meet previous patients if possible. Ask about patients that haven't been happy. If a surgeon can't show you at least 10 facelifts performed in the last year that match your age, weight, and ethnicity then keep looking.  Go with your gut - it will usually be right. 

Good luck!


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I would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns and what you would like to achieve.  I can provide you with a link to a facelift surgery I have performed which will give you an idea of what to expect during surgery.  You may also feel free to call my office to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Philip Solomon

Philip Solomon, MD, FRCS
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.4 out of 5 stars 118 reviews

Picking The Right Plastic Surgeon

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The key is to choose someone who is a true expert. An expert is one who is Experienced and performs facelifts frequently 3-5 times a week, has Expertise andhas written about it andteaches others aboutfacelift, and can show you Excellent results. Theoptimal way to correctearly signs of aging is to do a true “Lift” and“Fill” facelift with centralfacial fat compartmentrejuvenation and of thedeep SMAS layers. Thisshould be done in thehands of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeonwith expertise in facialrejuvenation and whounderstands the science of aging.

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

35 years old looking for facial surgeon that specializes in facelifts.

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Thank you for your question.

Marionette lines and jowls can often be corrected nicely with dermal fillers. However, a face lift that can correct laxity may be your best option. I recommend that you seek a board certified plastic surgeon. I wish you the best of luck.

How to look for a surgeon that specializes in face lifts...

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I would recommend seeking the consultation of a board certified physician who specializes in facial plastic surgery or plastic surgery.  I agree with Dr. Bray...no matter the initial background of the surgeon (e.g. head & neck surgery, facial plastic surgery, plastic surgery, etc...), experience is key!  Facial plastic surgeons go through 5 years of training in head & neck surgery (ENT), of which, at least 25-33% is exclusively dedicated to plastic surgery of the head & neck, followed by at least 1 year of advanced training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.  Plastic surgeons learn plastic and reconstructive surgery of the entire body in a 3-4 year period and some go on to do an additional year of cosmetic surgery fellowship focusing on all aspects of the body and face.  It really comes down to what that surgeon does in practice following training.

Check websites or surgical portfolios in the office for before and after photographs. Read patient testimonials. I have several facelift patients that are always willing to meet with potential patients about their experience too. Make sure that you have a connection with your surgeon and you are both on the same wavelength in terms of your desires and what can be realistically achieved. You need to feel a sense of comfort and trust with the office staff and the surgeon because you will be spending a lot of time with them in the period following your surgery. Lastly, inquire about where the surgery is performed and make sure that an anesthesiologist or CRNA will be monitoring your airway for the entire procedure. I wish you well!

Parker A. Velargo, MD
New Orleans Facial Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 52 reviews


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When plastic surgeons discuss facelifts among ourselves, we are referring to a procedure that has an impact on the cheeks, jowl and neck. It requires incisions in front of and behind the ear.

Facelift technique results in a younger and natural, but not “done," look. The surgery is done in a deeper plane which results in a full-thickness skin and subcutaneous tissue flap, which is redraped and elevated vertically over a repositioned SMAS layer. This avoids the "windswept" effect of pulling back too severely only the top layers of soft tissue.

In addition to expertise in rhytidectomy or facelift surgery, this operation uses techniques from experience in craniofacial surgery. It can be performed alone, in combination with a facelift, or during the placement of midface implants.

It is often more important to find the right surgeon than decide for yourself the right surgical technique. If you like the results of facelifts done by a certain surgeon, regardless of his or her technique, then you are on the road to obtaining the results you want.


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Hello, Make sure you also see a PLASTIC surgeon. My office offers complimentary consultations and I do specialize in faces as well. We would love to see you at our office. Please call us to make an appointment. 

Lee B. Daniel, MD
Eugene Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon

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Thank you for your question.  Best to find a board certified plastic surgeon, and make sure you are comfortable with them,  A fully trained board certified plastic surgeon should have the knowledge to assist you.  All the best,

Keshav Magge, MD
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 59 reviews


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Any experienced, board certified, PLASTIC SURGEON, will have the training to help you. 

Best of Luck

Dr. J

A. Dean Jabs M.D. Ph.D. FACSBoard Certified Plastic Surgeon
6430 Rockledge Drive
Bethesda MD 20817

Selecting a Surgeon

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Thank you for your question samsmom223. It is very important that you select a trusted facial plastic surgeon - it is the first step in ensuring you have a successful facial plastic surgery experience. I suggest you consult board certified facial plastic surgeons to ensure you are in the hands of an expert. Do you due diligence related to the surgeon's experience, education and training by reviewing their background, Before&After photos and patient testimonials.

Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 124 reviews

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