30 days post op, how can I make this cut heal faster? (Photos)

Had a tt and they were manually draining me with a syringe now I have this ugly cut. I've been using polysporin but I'm 30 days post op and the cut has yet to dry up. Any suggestions in how to dry it up?

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30 days post op, how can I make this cut heal faster?

As long as there are no signs of infection, I would advise you to just leave it alone and make sure it stays clean and dry. Polysporin are any type of ointment is only preventing healing by keeping the skin wet and soft. It needs to dry out to heal. Follow any instructions given by your surgeon. 

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Open incision after TT

Open incision after TT I would strongly advise you to your doctor and/or his nurse to get instructions about how to help this one close. Above all it must be kept clean to avoid infection.

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