26 year old with fair complexion. Am I a good candidate for eyebrow transplants? (Photo)

Hello! I'm a 26 year old woman who's always had a very fair complexion. My eyebrows/hair are very thin and blond. Having very fair eyebrows has always been my signature but I'm interested in getting them thicker. I've included a selfie of myself and two photos of my goal. I'm looking for more fullness,not darkness. I want to have a little bit more weight in that portion of my face to even things out when I'm wearing my hair up. Is it worth it to try surgery at the risk of redness? Thanks!

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Eyebrow hair

I can not tell from the photos, but do you have hair on the lateral sides of your eyebrows?  Hair transplants taken from the back of the head may be darker. My wife is blonde and found that the transplants in her frontal hairline lightened when exposed to the sun but this is a real risk for you to consider before doing an eyebrow transplant

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Eyebrow transplants

The eyebrow quality and darkness will match the hair where it is taken - likely the back of the scalp. In this region your hair appears darker than the current brow hair. If your goal is fullness not darkness, I would not think you'll achieve your goal with surgery. I suspect your brows will be darker than existing hair by quite a bit. 

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
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Good eyebrow potential

Great Question! We can definitely help you with that. I would suggest a personal consultation to be able to really figure out what will be the best option for you. But an eyebrow transplant is definitely a viable option. Neograft FUE Hair Transplants used for eyebrows is a highly successful and permanent solution for most of these cases. The donor area typically resides along the rear or side regions of the patient’s scalp, the same area that would be used for any hair transplant.
Once we have extracted the required amount of hair, we transplant individual follicular units in the desired areas, to restore bald areas and create a natural-looking eyebrow. It is very important that your transplanted hairs for your eyebrows are done in a way that harmonizes well with your eyes. Once we harvest the hair we will also make sure that is implanted at the right angle to replicate original growth. Because the transplanted hair will come from the back of the head, it also requires us to match natural colour of the area being transplanted. These hairs will initially grow faster and will require trimming for the 1st year or two. 

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Fair eyebrows

Thanks for submitting your question.  

The key component in your procedure would be matching the hair caliber/characteristics as your scalp hair appears darker.  Donor region would need to be either nape or supra-auriclular hair versus using leg/arm hair as they tend to be lighter in some patients with blonde or light brown hair. 

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Eyebrow transplants can thicken your eyebrows. Of course there are always risks with surgery so you need to discuss this with y

Eyebrow transplants can thicken your eyebrows. Of course there are always risks with surgery so you need to discuss this with your doctor. 

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