2 week labiaplasty post op concerns. (photos)

Ive stopped doing sitz baths and applying cream to help speed up the healing. Ive noticed a slight improvement in appearance but would like a second opinion from a medical expert. Itching persists and find it worse when I become "wet" down there so I try to keep the area clean and dry as best I can.

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2 week labiaplasty post op concerns. (photos)

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  You appear to be healing well with the areas of initial superficial dehiscence beginning to fill in, and your soft tissue swelling improving dramatically.  From a result point of view you have had a nice improvement in appearance that hopefully has met your expectations.  Best wishes on your continued recovery.

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2 weeks post op labiaplasty

Overall you are healing well and I think you should be happy with the results but then again this is really your decision, how do you feel about the results?  Are you happy with the length and contour of the labia?  Are you happy with the lateral prepuce or clitoral hood reduction?  If you are happy then that what matters.  best of luck

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Itching after labiaplasty is very common

Itching is part of the normal healing process after labiaplasty. Some women experience more itching than others. Yeast infections and other vaginal infections can also cause itching. An evaluation in person would be needed to figure this out.

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Healing after labiaplasty surgery - 2 weeks post op

Thank you for your questions and sequence of photographs. You have certainly made tremendous progress in the healing process over the past 2 weeks! Often, itching is caused by the sutures that are used for surgery. When this is the case, daily Zyrtec gel caps work well to decrease itching. As you mentioned, keeping the area clean and dry is also key to avoiding irritation. The area will be fully healed about 2 months after surgery. Based on your progress from post operative swelling to 2 weeks out, I would expect great results from your surgery. Best of luck. 

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